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Since 1984, Smart Software has been helping its customers to improve their business performance and increase profits by letting them See What’s Next.

We offer a range of technologies that help you make the best use of your corporate data to forecast sales, product demand, safety stock, inventory levels, and many other key business variables.  Then we add processes to help you take advantage of the valuable experience and knowledge of your organization’s personnel.  This fusion of fact and business judgment makes for the most accurate forecast results and the most realistic basis for all of your demand planning and inventory optimization decisions.

Smart Software has been an industry leader in bringing to market a number of technical innovations that make sophisticated forecasting and planning solutions available to a variety of users.  These proven solutions include

  • Sales and demand forecasting solutions to automatically handle trends and seasonal patterns and incorporate these effects, along with business judgment, in accurate statistical forecasts that drive your entire supply chain.
  • Unique, patented methods to handle the difficult problem of demand planning and forecasting for items with intermittent, “slow-moving” demand, such as service parts and big-ticket capital goods.
  • Inventory optimization capabilities that accurately estimate safety stock and service level inventory requirements, so that you can easily find the inventory “sweet spot” for any product item.
  • Promotion planning and event modeling capabilities that automatically predict the effect of different types of promotions and help you manage future promotion-driven sales for each product item in your database.
  • Comprehensive cause-and-effect modeling to facilitate what-if scenario analysis when some of your key business variables are both substantively and statistically related.
  • Universal database connectivity that provides seamless integration of our software systems to all major corporate databases, such as Oracle, DB2 and SQL Server, as well as the many ERP and SCM systems built on those databases.
  • Multidimensional data management to help you “slice and dice” and organize the product data that form the basis of your forecasting, demand planning, and inventory optimization solutions.
  • Web-based collaborative forecasting and planning capabilities to manage the process of distributing statistically-based system forecasts worldwide to your colleagues, customers and suppliers, collecting their informed feedback, and combining this feedback with the system forecasts to produce a consensus result to drive your company’s operations.

Over more than two decades, these solutions have been used by thousands of our customers around the world.  We support manufacturing, marketing, operations and inventory professionals in small and mid-market companies, as well as Fortune 500 corporations.  Whether your organization has a high degree of specialized planning expertise or is simply trying to move beyond basic spreadsheets, we have the right set of solutions for your business.

Each of the pages in the Solutions section identifies a problem faced by many customers, explains how Smart Software products solve the problem, and then summarizes the business benefits of our solution.

Please read about how we can solve your business needs and then contact us to discuss your specific requirements.


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